My Take On “Fresh Attack on Fed Move”

I think we should try something different, let's call it trickle up economics. Many folks on Main Street are buried in debt, credit cards, car loans, finance charges etc. For the next 5 years or so ALL interest payments would be tax deductible. What would this accomplish? People would be able to pay down their debt. People would go out and buy things such as cars and big screen tv's. More

Some Thoughts On “New Portrait of Palin as Governor”

Sarah Palin is the most vetted candidate in history and they still haven't tied anything to her. Did anybody in the media demand anything concerning the land purchase between Obama and Rezko? Nope, never... How about those healthcare waivers and discussions, nope, never... It continues to look like the media is just an tax extension 2012 of the DNC and it's no wonder their ratings More

My Analysis On “Obama Says Tax Breaks Should Now Spur Hiring”

Interesting--i have heard the adage about democrats being those who are looking for handouts, or those who are so rich they don't need any handouts--i guess this jibes with your comments. I guess i'm confused that they would both advocate for higher 2012 tax bracketses for the rest of us, while their massive incomes are exempt from our tax brackets, as they simply pay themselves a More

My View On “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”

As a son of a stereotypical 'Chinese Parent', i strongly disagree with your parenting method. If I was to receive anything but an A, i would be punished severely. My mum has once spent the night in jail because i called the cops for hitting me repetitively. Although to this day I have become a Doctor (as forced by my parents), I feel that i have wasted my youth. I am unhappy with More

Some Thoughts On “Harvey Golub: My Response To Buffett And Obama”

He is talking about estate taxes and it is not an exaggeration. I work for a financial advising firm and just recently went through an analysis of a client's estimated tax liability ondeath. When the client dies, his estate will have to pay the estate tax, his heirs will have to pay income tax on the remainder. If the death tax goes back up to 55%, we calculated that upon his death More

An Opinion On “Thomas Frank: Obama Is Right About Fox News”

So because Walter Cronkite did not wear lip gloss he was correct in claiming from the comfort of New York that the Tet offensive was a victory for the North. Go back to military school. The Tet offensive was a military defeat for the communists. And you must have been asleep when CNN confessed to irs withholding calculator information about the brutality of Saddam Hussein so they More

Views On “Can’t Pick a College Major? Create One”

Sue, thanks for writing a great article! As a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Design Strategy major at the University of Cincinnati, this article hit home. Self-created majors aren't for everyone, but they allow motivated students to connect the how much tax do i payts between disciplines, adapt to the changing demands of industry, and take responsibility for the direction More

My Analysis On “Sears Suffers as It Skimps on Stores”

I bought a Sears Kenmore microwave three years ago to replace the 25 year old one that finally gave out. I got the new one home, opened it up and could not close the door again because the prongs were not aligned with the holes they were to go in. I used a screwdriver to get the door closed again, put it all back in the box and drove right back to Sears for a refund an hour after More

Some Thoughts On “Review & Outlook: How Much the Rich Pay”

I'm not arguing semantics. I laid out my position as to why they're not the same above. Money flows through an economy; the after-tax income of a customer becomes the pre-tax income of the corporation tax rates. The after-tax income of a corporation becomes a pre-tax dividend of an investor and so on. Here's a conundrum for you: when a private equity investor loads up an acquired More

Criticism On “A Family History of Slavery: The Untold Legacy of Marcella Dunn”

As more people of all backgrounds research the records, we will discover more ancestors like A Marcella, who are right here under our noses, in the unread records and documents and in the graveyards. What amazed me more than anything when I researched my ancestors, and found records of my African AMerican ancestors as far back as the 1690s, was seeing their names in wills and deeds. More