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So you want to know who’s behind the keyboard, right? Well I will finally share with you who I am. Ready? All set for the big reveal?

It’s ME that’s who. You don’t need to know more than that about my individual self because I’m nothing special. Just someone who is tired of watching people getting taken advantage of and buying products that don’t produce what was promised. I want people to know the truth good and bad.

So you really don’t need to read about when I woke up with the epiphany to help other consumer’s like myself not get duped or that on lonely nights I sit and watch reruns of the show M*A*S*H with a jar of yummy pickles on my lap—you don’t need that!

You need to just trust that each and every product listed on ChicagoFreePress has been painstakingly researched. We have your best interest as the core of this website. Please enjoy.

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