Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Drill Review

Milwaukee-M18-Fuel-2653-22ct-Brushless-Impact-DriverWith a name like Milwaukee it pretty much goes without saying that you’re soon to be the proud owner of a powerful buddy. The speed and torque that the Milwaukee M18 Fuel has is definitely something to brag to the boys about and in my opinion, is the best cordless drill on the market. Even on low battery mode this tool will drive home the screw without dying in a sad, whimpering shame like some other drills. Finish the screw then nap.

This tool is also ready with power control giving the operator a lot more control over precision. You can use the lower speed setting for when you just need to use your 1/4 inch drive sockets or when you want your screws to drive nice and flush without being pushed too far in and the medium to higher speed settings for the tougher jobs.

This tool is terrific for anything engine bay related or building a basic shed and the list goes on…professionals and hobbyist will get a lot of use and power from this compact, reliable and sturdy driver. You won’t even have to worry about the annoying stripping of the screws or nut and bolts.

With one single tool you can find yourself positioning face plates then switch over to driving masonry screws into concrete. So within this driver you are getting a tool that allows for speed control, has a built-in LED light, has a bit snap coupler and is lightweight while at the same time being extremely powerful–let’s not forget it comes with a nifty built-in belt clip! 🙂


  • Delivers up to 55% more application speed with its brushless motor
  • Runs a lot cooler than other leading impact drivers
  • 3 fastening modes thanks to the Redline plus electric intelligence and with a proprietary drive control feature
  • LED light for hard to see work areas or when the job carries on into the night


Q – Can this impact driver work with any other M18 batteries?

A – Yes. It will work fine but it may shorten the battery life so you will need to charge it more often. If your M18 battery is lithium-ion and not the older M18’s then it should work great still!

Q – Can this drill work with Chisel bits?

A – No. It is a rotary spinning driver for screws, nuts and bolt fastening. You could use masonry screws to drive into concrete but the drilling you will want an actual impact drill and not an impact driver.

Q – I have an old V28 Lithium-ion xc will I be able to use this battery to power this tool?

A – No! This tool is an 18 volt and what you have is a 28 volt you will want a battery suitable for the M18.

If you’ve had the Milwaukee Brushed version of the driver and made the switch over to a more powerful brushless motor you will notice quickly the incredible increase in power from one to the other–brushless being the heavy hitter.

The Verdict

Often times many tool owners would avoid buying an impact drill because of the noise pollution it delivers but they quickly realize why it is so noisy once they learn the power behind all of that noise that immediately turns into sound of music when they see how fast their productivity increases and how fast they are out the door home to watch the sports channel. Wow! That paragraph was kind of a winded one, and I do apologize.

The point my spiel was trying to make is this impact driver will be all the power you need and the Milwaukee name never lets people down. Go get your tool and own that next project and enjoy your new buddy!

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